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Justice USA, LLC

Building International Success, Together.

Justice USA, LLC provides a full suite of services and solutions necessary for any organization conducting business internationally.  From business strategy and implementation, to cultural awareness and marketing, and providing the necessary legal infrastructure, Justice USA, LLC prides itself on ensuring the success of your international endeavors. 

How can we help you reach the world?


Justice USA, LLC adapts quickly to the fast paced world. Since the COVID-19 crisis, we have seen a major reorganization of global supply chains which have disrupted many businesses and provided opportunities for many others. Some of our team members have been directly involved in the United States' Warp Speed initiative to bring novel Vaccines, Therapies and Diagnostics to the market in record time.  This involvement has provided a unique backdoor insight into the mechanisms of the US contracting process for critical supplies and PPE. We are leveraging this insight to help our clients develop manufacturing and distribution networks that can help turn the tide of this global pandemic and to prepare for future market disturbances.

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Protect Your Business

A clear contract leads to a happy relationship and successful business. International business can be difficult to navigate; our years of experience and insight help our clients understand and navigate the legal nuances when working with multiple international institutions.  Let us help you develop the solid legal framework you need to be successful.

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Plan for Success

The world is constantly evolving. The business models of yesterday are already obsolete as the race for growth is pushing forth innovation at a breakneck speed.  Our team is constantly studying the movement and growth of global organizations to stay on top of and ahead of the pack because we know that the real leaders are the ones that blaze the trails, not the ones that trail behind.  Work with us to ensure your strategy will lead the pack.


Target your Audience

It's not enough to have a good strategy.  Implementation and execution is key, and identifying your audience and penetrating the market is the only way for your business to be successful. Our team uses deep research and analysis to help our clients understand foreign markets. Once we develop a comprehensive market penetration strategy, we will work with you step by step in executing the plan.


Our Team

Years of Expert Exprience to Guide You to Success

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Gwen Hickman

Head of Legal

Gwen has spent many years sculpting her legal expertise to uniquely suit the needs of international clients.  She has developed a reputation within the Hispanic, Vietnamese and Iranian communities to provide top level services ranging from immigration to contract and corporate law.  In addition, her extensive network of relationships allows her to pull in additional niche expertise in areas such as international trade and tariffs to provide a full suite of service to clients.

Sophia Moshahsa

Head of Marketing & Branding

Sophia is a cultural icon and influencer, specializing in next generation technology.  She has the unique talent of understanding and foreseeing the global movement of technological, cultural and economic trends far before they become widely known.  Sophia leverages her insight alongside her expertise in Marketing and Branding to penetrate the market expeditiously and poignantly.

Shaun Rafie

Head of International Business Strategy

Shaun is a leader in international business development, focusing on health care, technology, and education. When Shaun was obtaining his Masters degree in Commerce from the prestigious University of Virginia, he spent a significant amount of time in South East Asia, learning from and developing relationships with business leaders in Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar and Indonesia. He has also played a key role in scaling businesses for COVID-19 diagnostic production.